Episode 4: The White Sea (Pirates of the Aegean)
feature, historical documentary series (4 episodes), 2019

You can see this 4th episode (and the whole series “Pirates of the Aegean” as well) by clicking HERE. You will be redirected to a page of SmallPlanet Productions where you can rent an one-week online screening.
Unfortunately, no english subtitles are provided at the moment.



From the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean, the 17th century is regarded as the golden age of piracy. The Eastern Mediterranean is ablaze due to the long-lasting Venetian-Ottoman wars, leaving the sea-ways unguarded. Pirates and corsairs of all nationalities seize the opportunity provided. The historical docu-drama series “Pirates of the Aegean” tell their stories.

In this 4th episode, with the title “The White Sea”, the French pirate Hugues de Creveliers, a nobleman from Provence, abandons his wealth and a quiet life and seek adventure and glory in the Aegean. He establishes a mighty Company of pirates, attracting all the notorious pirates and corsairs of his era. A member of this Company is the ferocious Greek pirate Michalis Maniatis. During an attack in Ikaria, he kidnaps a seven-year-old boy, who later on seals the fate of an entire island, Ikaria. Ottoman pirates do the same, abducting a boy from a Naxos beach, who, having himself become a pirate, is appointed as a high-ranking Ottoman official, known as Captain Tzafer.



Direction: Alexandros Chantzis
Script: Alexandros Chantzis, Yorgos Avgeropoulos, Dimitris Demesoukas
Research: Dimitris Demesoukas, Fenia Chala
Direction of Photography:
Dimitris Kotsou

Editing: Kostas Christakopoulos
Art Direction/Costume Design: Liliana Aslanidou
Narration: Sol Saltiel

Production: SmallPlanet Productions, Open Tv

With: George Alevizakis, Makis Kyriakopoulos, Pavlos Iordanopoulos, Alkis Zoupas, Alexandros Paspardanis, Dimitris Kastanias, Artemis Avgeropoulou, Kostis Pattakos, Nikolas Zois, Thanos Myloneros, 



Tuesday 18 June 2019, Open Tv




Backstage Photos: Liliana Aslanidou, Alexandros Chantzis. Dimitris Demesoukas, Dimitris Kotsou
Poster & Graphic Designs: Gabriel Melissourgakis
3D Graphs: Yannis Ntousiopoulos