The Countess of the Factory (The Neoclassical Films)
Tv movie (3 episodes), fiction, 2022


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Unfortunately, no english subtitles are provided.



Three cousins with the same name and surname, Christos Delimanis, live in a duplex apartment. The first is a policeman who lives with his mother, a worker in a factory. The second is a vegan activist. The last one is a small-time crook. One night, the policeman arrests a young burglar, Efi. In an attempt to apologise for her act, she hides her real identity. So, the rich niece of the Minister transforms into a poor girl who looks for job. When Christos’ mother finds her a job in the factory, Efi has no other option than to accept the job and starts working daily in the factory. As the days go by, a strong interest between Efi and Christos starts to arise. But more lies and a number of misunderstandings threaten to reveal Efi’s real identity.



Direction: Nick Orestis Chaniotakis
Direction of Filming: Alexandros Chantzis
Adapted Script*: Panos Amarantidis, Eleni Leftherioti
Direction of Photography: Vassilis Klotsotiras GSC
Editing: Giannis Tsitsopoulos
Art Direction: Lia Asvesta
Costume Design: Kelly Stamatopoulou

Sound: Giannis Pikoulis, Spyros Outos
Argonauts Productions SA, Primavisione ΙΚΕ, Alpha Tv

With: Fiona Georgiadi, Nikos Poursanidis, Eleni Gerasimidou, George Kopsidas, Ioannis Apergis, Panagiota Vitetzati, Xanthi Georgiou, Akis Sakellariou, Giannis Zouganelis

* Based on the same-name theatrical play of Asimakis Gialamas and Kostas Pretenteris which premiered in Athens, 1966-1967, by the theatre company of acclaimed actress Maro Kontou and actor Nikos Rizos.



Friday 13 May 2022, Alpha Tv




Backstage Photos: Alexandros Chantzis