Episode 3: Fire in the Cyclades (Pirates of the Aegean)
feature, historical documentary series (4 episodes), 2019

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Unfortunately, no english subtitles are provided at the moment.



From the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean, the 17th century is regarded as the golden age of piracy. The Eastern Mediterranean is ablaze due to the long-lasting Venetian-Ottoman wars, leaving the sea-ways unguarded. Pirates and corsairs of all nationalities seize the opportunity provided. The historical docu-drama series “Pirates of the Aegean” tell their stories.

In this 3rd episode, with the title “Fire in the Cyclades”, Greeks, British, French, Italians, Dutch, Berbers and Ottomans find an ideal hideout in the Cycladic islands, in the heart of the Aegean. Coming from all corners of the Mediterranean, their routes converge on Milos island of Cyclades, which becomes the centre of piracy. Three of the greatest pirates operate in the Cyclades, leaving an indelible mark on the Aegean: Ioannis Kapsis who conquers Milos and crowns himself as its king, Giovanni de lo Cavo who liberates Anafi and guarantees the safety of its inhabitants, and Stathis Romanos Manetas whose dramatic story was immortalized in song, keeping his memory alive to this day.



Direction: Alexandros Chantzis
Script: Alexandros Chantzis, Yorgos Avgeropoulos, Dimitris Demesoukas
Research: Dimitris Demesoukas, Fenia Chala
Direction of Photography:
Dimitris Kotsou

Editing: Kostas Christakopoulos
Art Direction/Costume Design: Liliana Aslanidou
Narration: Sol Saltiel

Production: SmallPlanet Productions, Open Tv

With: Manousos Gakilazos, Adrianos Gatsos, Giannis Ioannou, Elina Vlachokosta, Giannis Gavrilis, Magda Corpi, Grigoris Piperidis, Nikos Argyriadis, Kostis Pattakos, Spiros Papagiannis



Tuesday 14 May 2019, Open Tv




Backstage Photos: Liliana Aslanidou, Alexandros Chantzis
Poster & Graphic Designs: Gabriel Melissourgakis
3D Graphs: Alexia Barakou